It is our belief that each child learns naturally through play and exploration in a stimulating environment that promotes physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual growth. Individual differences are recognized and celebrated as children grow and gain knowledge in all areas of development. It is our commitment to our families to prepare each child to move smoothly to their next level of learning while in a safe, fun, creative and loving environment.

Curriculum Overview

3’s Curriculum

Our 3’s class is play and theme based and meant to provide an opportunity for children to make new friends while developing cognitive, social and fine and large motor skills. Our spiritually guided curriculum will introduce language and reading, shapes and colors, exposure to letter recognition and character development. The school day starts with a prayer and snack begins with a grace.

Pre-K and T-K Curriculum (4’s & 5’s)

This class will focus on kindergarten readiness. We will continue with social skills, following directions, listening, staying focused and problem solving. The curriculum will consist of science activities, dramatic play, arts and crafts and manipulatives. The curriculum will also consist of Touch Math and Zoo-phonics. 

Zoo-phonics is a multisensory language arts program and will teach the alphabet with the use of signals, sound and letter recognition. TouchMath is a math readiness curriculum that introduces one-one correspondence, sorting, number recognition, graphing and the concept of beside, under and over to name a few.

As the children arrive to school, they will sign in thereby practicing their handwriting skills.


Our chapel curriculum is non-denominational and is designed for our children of Little Lights.  We believe that the Christian faith is a part of who we are and what we will become because our faith guides us in every stage of our lives.

Our goal is for our Little Lights graduates to be “kindergarten ready” by…

  • Fostering the development of language, early literacy and early math skills
  • Promoting fine and large motor skills
  • Exposing the children to a wide variety of artistic and musical activities.
  • Supporting and encourage self-control and self-discipline
  • Enhancing positive growth, development, self-esteem and confidence.